Freddie Human, Attorney

Within the first few weeks of commencing article’s of Clerkship with Werksmans Attorneys in Johannesburg Freddie had made up his mind – divorce law was not for him!

From then on he concentrated on commercial law and drafting of contracts. After completing Article’s he joined Prof. Michael Katz’s team at Edward Nathan where he worked all hours (including weekends) but learnt a lot. It was eventually the lure of the ocean that brought him back to Cape Town where he joined Mallinicks Inc as a partner in the commercial law department and stayed for seventeen years!

Mallinicks Inc was in the big five in Cape Town and a leading commercial law firm at which Freddie was exposed to a wide range of commercial law transactions and agreements. He developed an expertise in general company law and in particular in restructuring; listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange; take over’s and mergers (including reverse take-overs) as well as rights issues and capital restructuring.

Disputes are inevitable. Staying within the framework of commercial disputes and adopting an approach that all disputes of a commercial nature can be solved through negotiation,Freddie gained experience in acting for parties to commercial arbitration and High Court commercial litigation.

Freddie finds the drafting of commercial agreements of any nature and description, challenging. Each agreement has its own dimensions and intricacies,but making “minds meet” on paper is the ultimate reward. Freddie has drafted (and got them signed!) commercial agreements of a wide range and description.

Freddie obtained a B. Com LLB from the University of Stellenbosch and a Higher Diploma in Company Law from the University of Witwatersrand.

In June 2008 he set out to practise for his own account as a general commercial law practitioner and enjoys the ability and freedom to service clients personally.Freddie can provide years of experience at comparatively reasonable commercial rates and what he does not know he knows where to find!

Freddie became a member of the Corporate Law Alliance soon after it was established in 2008